Accident Care Clinic diagnoses and treats individuals of all ages, from newborns to the very oldest, who have medical problems or other health-related conditions, illnesses, or injuries that limit their abilities to move and perform functional activities as well as they, would like in their daily lives. We examine each individual and develop a plan using treatment techniques to promote the ability to move, reduce pain, restore function, and prevent disability. Our physical therapy programs are fully customized for the individual, so you receive the treatment that is right for you.

What Is Physical Therapy? 

Physical therapy is a non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical method to help you regain flexibility, balance, or strength lost because of an injury or illness. It is done by the performance of specialized exercises, and the use of heat/cold therapy, ultrasound, and other healing techniques.

What Kind Of Pain Can Be Treated By Physical Therapy?

The therapy is designed to rehabilitate the musculoskeletal system, as well as the circulatory. But, it is also helpful to treat pain related to:

Can I See a Chiropractor for Physical Therapy?

Yes! Our team is not only certified chiropractors but also physical therapists. They are professional pain management specialists and nutritionists who work with therapeutic massages as well. Whether you need physical therapy or chiropractic adjustments, Accident Care Clinic is your first choice in the Orlando Area.

Why Does Physical Therapy Complement Chiropractic Care? 

When an injury is affecting your spinal alignment and damages the musculoskeletal system, it may require both chiropractic care and physical therapy to help you rehabilitate the right way.

Is Physical Therapy Helpful for Athletes with Sustained Injuries?

When athletes make physical therapy part of their training it can help prevent recurring or spontaneous injuries. Physical therapy supports muscle and bone strength. At Accident Care Clinic we can develop a physical therapy preventative program designed to address an athlete’s special needs. We also offer nutritional guidance to ensure they receive the best combination of vitamins and minerals to maintain their health.

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